Goldfish Nutrition Facts –  Are they Good or Bad?

It cannot be denied that there are tons of kids out there who are just so fond of Goldfish Crackers. This has been observed and there are now questions surfacing – is this good or bad?  This Pepperridge Firm is known to be a high end baked goods. This company is an expert when it comes to offering awesome crackers, and cookies which most kids will be really enjoying. But then, even if that is the case, no one should exempt themselves for making sure that they research about goldfish nutrition facts. This is, at some point, vital in order to be knowledgeable with a person’s health.

Goldfish is of course known for its goldfish shape. This is recognized by many and lots of kids are more than happy to munch them away all the time. Prior to their popularity, they started off just as a single product. Prior, they were only baked crackers that only got to expand during the years of ingredients, colors and flavors. Today, it is only the fish shape which got to stay the same. The rest changed already.

How nutritious are these fish anyway? How good are they for kids? Is it even advisable for them to be taken on a regular, if not – daily basis? The ingredients may have to be taken into consideration in this sense. They would have to be watched for, needless to say. There are nutrition labels that have to be given attention in this sense. The same is also true with lists. Looking at these should then be the answer.

What needs to be known then?

First of all, the serving of such goldfish may reach 55 pieces. This is just a lot if toddlers are the ones who will be munching them. But then, as for preschoolers, they can just be doable and there is no problem with that. There might be around 140 calories present in there. They are not just light snack. They are not huge too. For those who are worried about their figure and weight, there would be 100 calorie on the packages that is for sure. These will be bought. So think about that.

As for the sugar, it contains a very low amount. This is not surprising anymore knowing that it is a cracker in its very nature. But then, the sodium content may be too high. This may be from 230, to even 250 mg. This is like 10 to even 11% of the value being taken on a daily basis. This is true for a lot of healthy adults around the place.

There is no fiber present too. This may be true as it may just contain less than a gram of that. This is observed since the flour used in there has been refined already. Do not get this wrong because it does not involve the whole grain though. There is a version of the Goldfish which may be looked upon. This may also concern the grain. This may be of 2 grams and even more.