Benedict Arnold Facts and Contributions

Benedict Arnold came from Norwich City. He became a part of the American Colony when he was in Connecticut. On his younger years, he lived with his five sisters and brothers. Life was hard for them way back then that a sister of him died because of yellow fever. This was the case even if his father was still a businessman. Their family’s fortune was put into nothingness as the patriarch of the family became addicted to drinking. These were the common Benedict Arnold facts.

When he was still a kid, Arnold was sent to a private school. This was during the time when his father was beginning to lose his money. Because of this, young Arnold was forced to quit his academics. Afterwards, he became an apprentice at an apothecary. It was in the year 1759 when his mother died. His father passed away in 1761.

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It cannot be denied that his career took off when he was still a part of the apothecary. As that transpired, he also turned out to be a bookseller. Since then, he worked really hard. This contributed to him becoming a known merchant. He pioneered to branch out his endeavors. He bravely invested on a trading company. During this time, he venture with Adam Babcock, his partner. Stamp Act tax was imposed because of him. This was then observed on most colonies. This triggered his sense in patriotism. He joined the Sons of Liberty afterwards.

The Revolutionary War began. This was the time when Arnold became the Connecticut militia captain. He was in-charged in leading. This was from Boston to Lexington and then all the way to Concord Battles. He intended to help the siege of Boston. This led him to receiving the order of the colonel to attack Fort Ticonderoga. He did this with the presence of Ethan Allen. The Green Mountain Boys were also present. He decided to pursue Ticonderoga and it happened to be a part of his victories.

Arnold played a role in the Continental army. At that juncture, it was still under George Washington. Because he was still the colonel during this time, Quebec City was attacked. He initiated the effort. The Americans were defeated. Since the battle was too fatal, Arnold was left with a wounded leg. Even if this transpired, no one stopped Arnold to take higher leaps as he was promoted the brigadier general of their troops.

A hero. This was how Arnold was perceived because of the Battle of Saratoga. He courageously led the attack of the British. Again, he was wounded. This was the reason why he was forced to go back to their army who was situated in Valley Forge. He was welcomed by most soldiers with their arms open. In his entire journey, he earned enemies though. This was also the case when he was still in the Congress. This was also true when he was in the Continental army. This normally happens and he was able to survive this with his credibility intact.